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New arrived Mirage CBD vape pen


Mirage CBD pen is one 2016 new arrival best CBD hemp oil vapen pen, with no cotton no coil empty cartridge, this time we have a upgrage filling system compare with our first oen CBD hemp oil pen of 805F disposable CBD oil ecig.But for the size, we even use the same as 805F which almost like real cigarette.

Description of Mirage CBD oil pen
1) Specially designed for customers' self-filling
2) When the Mirage CBD pen is not in use, please keep it in standby mode.
3) The LED light will be turned on when you are inhaling, and vapor will be produced.

Mirage CBD pen passed Special Test:
1) Simulated 3000m Altitude Air-pressure Test;
2) -20℃ - +60℃ Temperature Testing;
3) Salt Spray Test
4) Appearance Test (wear-resistant, alcohol, sweat, hardness, adhesion, etc.)
5) Functional Test (vapor amount, suction, return of leakage, battery capacity, battery
resistance, short circuit protection, etc.)
6) Life Test (puffs, battery self-discharge, negative pressure leakage, etc.)
7) Simulated Transport Drop Test, Vibration Test, Soake Test.

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